With the objective of enhancing your investment experience, Mirae Asset offers facilities which you can avail of when investing in specific schemes. These facilities enable you to calibrate your investments in sync with market movements thereby helping you optimize your investment returns.


Systematic Investment Plan

Achieving is possible with SIP.

Mirae Asset* had pioneered the concept of Regular Savings Plan (RSP) in Korea which is equivalent to Systematic investing and has been the undisputed market leader in RSPs in that market for the last decade.

Systematic Investment Plan Top-up (SIP Top-up)

Top-up you wealth with SIP Top-up.

Mirae Asset SIP top-up allows investors to increase their installments by a fixed amount at pre-determined intervals.

Systematic Transfer Plan

Smart way of investing.

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is a strategy where an investor transfers a fi xed amount of money from one category of fund to another, usually from debt funds to equity funds. Investing a lump sum amount in stocks or equity mutual fund could be dicey for the investor as equity markets are volatile and returns in equity mutual fund is linked to the performance of stock market. Systematic Transfer Plan helps to keep a balance of risk and return.

Goal Systematic Investment Plan

Follow your dreams.

We all have dreams and desires, but most of us do not plan our investments according to our goals. Whether it is for child’s education or marriage, retirement planning, tax savings, dream car, house or vacation, you need to plan for future requirement.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan

Regular flow of money from your investments.

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is a facility that allows an investor to withdraw money from an existing mutual fund at predetermined intervals. The money withdrawn from a systematic withdrawal plan can be reinvested in another portfolio or it can be used as a source of regular income.