Tools & Calculators

In our endeavor to help you in taking an informed decision pertaining to your investments, we have designed tools and calculators which will assist you in determining the appropriate amount. You can calculate your networth, determine the future value of your investments and arrive at a plausible amount of EMI you will be charged as against the desired loan amount using the below calculators.

Inflation is the effect of general price level as against a standard level of purchasing power. This calculator calculates the impact of inflation on your expenses or anything that you plan to invest / spend in future and gives you the approx cost assuming a predefined inflation rate.

Current Cost
Number of Years
Future Cost:

We have also developed an innovative SIP desktop calculator 'Mirae Asset SIP Widget' for our investors and distributors.

To download the application, SIP Widget

Calculate your networth by feeding in data about the current value of your assets and liabilities.


Fixed Income Assets
Growth Assets
(Shares, Equity Funds, etc.)
Cash and Liquid Assets
(Savings Account, Cash and Liquid Funds, etc.)
Fixed Assets
(Fixed Deposit, Debt Funds, PPF, National Savings Certificate, etc.)
Total Assets


Credit Card Balances
Income Tax Owed
Outstanding Bills
Other Loans
(House, Car, Education, etc.)

Total Liabilities
Your Networth: